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Communication is Key

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Save the Ghosting for Halloween

Ghosting is a phenomenon that’s made the jump from Urban Dictionary to the professional world. Otherwise known as cutting off all communication through social media, phone calls and general avoidance, ghosting is infiltrating the work world to the frustration and confusion of all involved.

Staying Informed
Few of us like to be left out of the loop. But this is more than a simple case of FOMO experienced when scrolling through our Insta feed. This is personal and no one wants to be the last one to know, particularly when it seems like everyone else already seems to know. The desire to be in the loop evolves and grows stronger the more important the stakes become. For instance, when you’ve invested your time and energy in looking for a new job, it’s not just about employment. It’s also about happiness, money and finding a fulfilling way to use your skills in the process. As a result, it’s understandable to want to know where you stand when it comes to the job search/interview process.

Signs of Ghosting

  • Canceling plans without a time/place to reschedule
  • Blocking, unfriending, being unresponsive on social media
  • Stretches of time grow between communications
  • Little to say/limited contact

Building a Relationship
One way of making this easier is getting to know the people who you’re working with. Ask their preference regarding communication. For example, if you meet one of the Staffing Kansas City recruiters at one of the career fairs we attend around the city, don’t just leave your resume and walk away. Take a moment to share what you’re looking for and a bit of your personality. Long after the booth is packed up, the recruiter is more likely to remember you than if you dropped your resume without a word. Likewise, the same goes for the recruiter who is looking to build a professional relationship with each candidate. No one wants to make an investment of time and money only to have that person vanish.

Two-Way Street
Staying in the know requires equal parts patience and persistence. It’s assuming good intent that the other person is busy yet still interested. In a world that’s increasingly ruled by to-do lists, social media and too many commitments, often the difference comes in overcommunicating where things stand in the process. Here the little things do matter. A simple step like following up at the end of the week to provide a status report is reassuring and often enough to keep everyone engaged in the process.

At Staffing Kansas City, we believe finding a job or finding the right person for the job shouldn’t be a hassle. By providing “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch,” we’re committed to providing our candidates and our clients with the communication needed to create unsurpassed customer service.