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Avoid These Top Deal Breakers for Job Candidates

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The job search can be a lengthy and exhausting process for both the recruiter and the job candidates. This could entail looking through possibly hundreds of potential job seekers to find one or two who are a good match for the skills and culture of the company. But this potential match must first make it through the interview process, and that doesn’t just mean that the candidate handles the interview well.

Interviews are conducted on both sides of the desk, and candidates have their own deal breakers when it comes to applying for and accepting employment. Avoiding these deal breakers is important when you consider a Glassdoor survey found 76% of people making hiring decisions say they have trouble attracting quality clients. The American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor, in conjunction with an online survey conducted by The Harris Poll, found seven deal breakers for job candidates.

Deal Breakers

  1. Inappropriate interview questions.
  2. Unrealistic job or skill requirements.
  3. Misrepresenting job duties.
  4. Aggressive behavior from the recruiter or hiring manager.
  5. Not responding to questions about open positions.
  6. Poor follow-up by recruiting or the hiring manager.
  7. No face-to-face contact during the hiring process.

*American Staffing Association

Don’t Ask This

Inappropriate and/or illegal questions are the No. 1 deal breaker. Posing questions that make an interviewee feel awkward, embarrassed and/or confused also fall into the inappropriate category. These questions can place the person in an uncomfortable position that can make them look defensive or unfriendly, which could jeopardize the overall outcome of the interview.

Questions that are inappropriate or illegal are related to age, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, country of origin and health status. Answers to these questions are irrelevant as to whether a candidate is qualified to perform the job duties. These inappropriate questions can include “Do you have kids?” “When did you graduate from college?” And “What kinds of TV shows do you like?”

Employment Recruitment Assistance

Interviewing is not for the faint at heart and at such times, it can be helpful to work with a recruiter, particularly when narrowing the field to the cream of the crop. The recruiters at Staffing Kansas City help small- to medium-sized businesses with a range of pre-employment human resources services and employee screening.

Through our contract-to-hire and direct hire programs we will advertise, recruit, test, check references and provide qualified candidates for every need. This process also allows the employer to conduct a secondary in-house interview with the recommended candidates to determine the best individual for your company’s unique needs.

Plus, if at any time you’re not satisfied with the potential employee, Staffing Kansas City will repeat the selection process. We are here to find an employee that meets your needs while reducing the costly and time-consuming process of hiring.