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Applying New Technologies to New Job Skills in 2020

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The beginning of a new year brings with it an element of new possibilities and new beginnings. For some this might include finding a new job and/or finding a job in a new industry. For those with the intention of searching for a new role, it’s important to be aware that the world around us is changing quickly.

This is particularly evident in the workplace. One of those marked differences being the speed with which things at work need to get done. Global connections, social connectivity and new technologies mean lots of changes in the way businesses do work.

Drivers of Change

  1. People are living longer
  2. Workplaces are growing more automated
  3. Greater use of data scales offerings
  4. Abundance of communication tools
  5. Extreme social sharing
  6. Global connections


New Technologies

In response, this means employees at all levels of an organization will need to be flexible, ready to learn new things, including new technologies, and be prepared to reach beyond the normal work silos to make things happen. Because new technologies are a prime driver of these changes, employees should expect most things to move more quickly. This translates into the potential of a sharper learning curve, making flexibility and adaptation critical.

Another element of change is associated with the growing number of demographics in the workplace. Today, we have a larger range of demographics working together than at any of time in history. This includes everyone from the Baby Boomers and Gen X to the Millennials. Depending on where you fall in the mix, you might find your level of comfort with changes, including changing technologies, extremely high or in need of some practice. Such changes will also have some impact on the preferences for communication tools. This could range from face-to-face, email and phone conversations to real-time instant messaging and chat.

New Skills offers some good advice when it comes to skills that will be needed in the future. Many of these will require employees to step up and move beyond just the skills of a job in order to make personal connections. An open-minded approach will also be necessary to enhance problem solving and create innovative solutions. Some of those abilities needed will be:

  1. Look for more meaning than what is expressed
  2. Connecting with others in a direct way
  3. Thinking of innovative solutions and responses
  4. Working within different cultural settings
  5. Translating data into abstract concepts with the ability to understand data-based reasoning
  6. Assessing and developing content using new media forms for persuasive purposes
  7. Possessing the literacy and understanding of multiple disciplines
  8. Filtering information and be discriminating about its use
  9. Feeling comfortable being part of a virtual team

Here’s to a great 2020! When you’re ready to begin the job search, remember that a staffing recruiter can be a great asset.