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Why the Human Element Remains Critical to Employment Recruiting

There are few businesses left untouched by the impact of artificial intelligence or AI. While futuristic sounding, AI computer systems can do tasks normally associated with a human. This includes the ability to process information through visual perception, decision-making, recognition of speech and translation of language.

What makes AI equal parts scary and fascinating is how a computing machine programmed by humans can learn from experiences and adapt accordingly. With each adjustment, AI can mimic more human-like tasks through deep learning, a kind of machine learning that allows a computer to do tasks like a human, and natural language processing where computers learn to understand, interpret and manipulate human language.

The implications of such an advanced learning machine may feel like something out of a sci-fi movie but each day the workplace and the world at large encounter evidence of machines accomplishing these once purely human tasks. With such a scenario comes the inevitable question of if such computers will be able to replace human-centric jobs such as employment recruiting.

Expressing Emotion
While computers are often used in ATS-related tasks, there are many reasons why AI will never replace the work of a human. One of these is the human-centric concept of expressing feelings such as empathy. The ability to share and understand the needs of another person is rooted in the most basic expression of self, and it enables a personal awareness of feelings and emotions.

These human emotions are one of a recruiter’s most-important tools, the ability to read and understand people. Creating a personal connection with the candidate enables a level of understanding that informs which candidates will be a good fit beyond the required skill set as well as a match for the company culture. No computer, no matter how advanced the AI, will match the work of the human heart and brain.

Selling the Opportunity
Soft skills are a critical element for candidates and equally important for a staffing recruiter. Included among these is the skill of persuasion. Human recruiters understand a job search is about more than matching keywords to needed skills. Instead, it is about discovering through face-to-face contact, the right person who can execute the required skills while helping a candidate see how they fit into the larger mission of the company and its culture. Understanding such a purpose and how it relates to the job is key to building a sense of fulfillment and purpose that lasts long after cashing a paycheck.

Humans Thriving in a Human-Based Industry
In the end, nothing is more satisfying to a job recruiter than making a positive connection between a candidate possessing the right skills and the company whose culture fits the personality of the person with the skills. This is a human element that cannot be overlooked and one that no amount of AI will be able to replace.”Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” is the goal of the recruiters at Staffing Kansas City. They are experts at human-element recruiting.

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