Staffing Kansas City

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Temporary work?

There are many reasons why a candidate might require a flexible work schedule. Temporary work is a benefit to employment candidates who are in-between jobs, on break from school or returning to the work force and need to fine-tune their job skills. At Staffing Kansas City, we have temporary employment assignments that last as little as a day, as well as those that span several months at a time. As a temporary job seeker, please let us know what you are looking for in temporary employment in Kansas City and our professional recruiters will do their best to accommodate your work availability.

What is Temp-to-Hire?

A temp-to-hire position means a client has chosen us to assist them with recruiting and selecting a permanent candidate for their office. Generally, qualified employment candidates will have an opportunity to interview directly with the company. If selected, you will begin your new position on the Staffing Kansas City payroll. After the contracted amount of hours has been reached, usually after 30-90 days, you will be converted to the client or company payroll.

What is Direct Hire?

A direct hire position means a client has chosen us to assist them in recruiting and selecting a permanent candidate for their office. Unlike a temp-to-hire situation, the selected candidate will start directly on the client’s payroll.

What are Staffing Kansas City’s Payroll Procedures?

Payday occurs weekly on Wednesday. As a member of the Staffing Kansas City team, you are responsible for turning your hours into our office by Monday morning at 9AM. You may call in your hours, as well as e-mail or fax. Checks are available for you to pick up in our office between 8AM and 4:30PM every Wednesday. If they are not picked up, Staffing Kansas City will mail your check at close on Wednesday. But, we must have a faxed or original copy of your signed timesheet to release your check. There is never a fee to our candidates!

What is your Attendance Policy?

Again, complete communication is the answer. If you expect to be tardy or absent to a position, you must call Staffing Kansas City before your scheduled start time. Our office has 24-hour voice mail. The client attendance policy will be in effect for each of our candidates placed at their location. A “no call, no show” to an assignment is immediate grounds for termination.