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Will Facebook Become the New Recruiting Game-Changer?

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If you’ve scrolled down your LinkedIn profile lately, there’s a good chance you might mistake the feed for something straight out of Facebook. Instead of professional and informational content, the feed is now dotted with posts that have little to do with making professional connections or finding a new job opportunity.

In a somewhat ironic twist of fate, Facebook is now looking to get in on the recruiting business by offering those with business pages a way to promote job listings, according to an article on This change could present a new way for companies to promote themselves in the News Feed by getting new openings in front of individuals who might already be following the company on Facebook.

Experimental Phase
Considering Facebook’s willingness to dive into new endeavors such as content curation and publishing features, this new addition to the employment recruiting arena shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Adding the feature to a Facebook page is as easy as embedding a “Jobs” tab in the existing Facebook page. In the article, Techcrunch hypothesized last year’s test of Profile Tags may have been an exploration to see if it was possible to compete with LinkedIn’s endorsement feature.

What’s Too Much?
As you might expect, this news brought a variety of comments, pro and con. From a traditional recruitment mindset, this new feature could have the potential to keep people on their collective toes when it comes to keeping their Facebook profiles on a more positive and professional level. On the flip side, the addition of a jobs feature could make finding a job listing even more difficult in the midst of the already-chaotic Facebook news feed.

Widening the Pool
Considering how many people already have a Facebook page, the addition of a jobs feature does make sense. Techcrunch cites 467 million members on LinkedIn versus 1.79 billion users on Facebook. This change certainly has the potential to keep job seekers on their toes looking for the newest career opportunity. As the number of places to post new jobs continues to grow, employers will have to become increasingly strategic about where they choose to spend their time and money. Posting to multiple sites may feel inclusive but in the end it also has the potential to water down the impact of posting in the right channels.

Team with Staffing
As the number of places to post job listings continues to grow, it can be smart to work with a Staffing company to determine the best place to post and to assist in refining the pool of potential candidates. The recruiters at Staffing KC work closely with employers to understand the right fit for skills and culture, ensuring the right employee/employer match the first time.

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