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Gen Z Feels Good about Their Jobs Overall

For years, there has been concern expressed on the skills gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Otherwise known as STEM, these are typically jobs that play a significant role when it comes to innovation and technological advances.

In recent years, there have been warnings younger generations are focusing less on math and science, which could potentially create a future skills gap in these roles. These challenges include gaps in digital skills, a lack of technical skills concepts taught in schools and overall, less interest among students for pursuing STEM-related skills. But Gen Z who find themselves working in a STEM-related field are reporting high satisfaction, according to a survey report published by exploring the attitudes of Gen Z workers about their jobs. The survey included 518 Gen Z participants.

In-Demand STEM Skills

  • Digital skills including programming languages, data analysis and software development.
  • Data analysis and science with the ability to interpret large data sets.
  • Cybersecurity skills to protect the data and devices of individuals and organizations.
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives and sources needed to protect the environment.

Entering the Work World

Like many other generations, those surveyed fall at various places on the spectrum about how they feel about their job. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed “love their job” and 37% say they “like their job.” On the other end of the spectrum, 9% “dislike their job” and 3% “hate their job.” Those who are unhappy in their current role cited poor work-life balance, a lack of satisfaction with the hours, and/or a lack of passion for the job.

“People early in their careers tend to be given this narrative of hating their jobs because they usually switch jobs more frequently,” said Julia Toothacre, Resume and Career Strategist at Resume Builder. “What many people fail to realize is that when you’re in your 20s, you’re figuring yourself out and trying different career options to see what you like most.”

Positive Vibes Ahead

The Resume Builder survey found Gen Z feeling good about their jobs overall. Eighty-one percent assessed their job performance as “excellent” or “good,” according to the survey. Additionally, more than half (53%) express positive feelings about their management. The positive vibes also extend to 60% either expressing “love” or “like” for their co-workers.

But the propensity for high job satisfaction among Gen Z working in business and in STEM industries is good news for all, especially among those who have predicted a significant skills gap in the STEM arena. Such an effect could create a positive ripple effect for years to come for employers and employees alike.