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Why are Some Job Seekers Apprehensive about Working with a Staffing Agency?

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People who study human behavior have often said that “the unknown” can create a certain amount of anxiety in some individuals. Sure, there are those who approach every new, untried opportunity with a great deal of interest and excitement – snowboarding, bungee jumping, eating sketchy-looking kebabs from a street cart in a foreign country – but a number of us tend to hang back a little and see what happens to those who elect to go first. And, this may be one of the reasons that some job seekers are apprehensive about working with a staffing agency. Simply put, they don’t have any personal experience with staffing agencies, and the unknown aspect of the process or experience keeps them from taking advantage of a wealth of help and advice in finding a new job or a new career in Kansas City.

At Staffing Kansas City, we speak to job seekers every day. Some walk right in the door, ready to talk to us about opportunities and to get started looking for a new position that makes use of their skills, education, and experience. Others come to us after pondering the process for some time. And, it’s easy to say that we try to put everyone at ease about working with a professional staffing agency. But, some are naturally apprehensive. Why are some job seekers apprehensive about working with a staffing agency? An excellent question!

Some job seekers are apprehensive about working with a staffing agency because they have a false notion that the agency doesn’t have real job listings. This is simply not true. Staffing agencies, such as Staffing Kansas City, are a direct link to hiring managers at a variety of companies in the cities they serve. Staffing agencies are a value to these employers because the agencies help them find the top 3 employee prospects for each available position. The service provided to KC area employers by Staffing Kansas City allows them to hire when they need someone – without having to wade through dozens (or even hundreds) of résumés. Looking for part-time work? We got that. Looking for full-time work? We got that too.

Other job seekers are apprehensive about working with a staffing agency because they don’t understand the process. We actually wrote a great article about the process. Click here to read it!

Still, other job seekers are apprehensive because they don’t like going through a “middle man” to find a job. Let’s face it, any time a friend puts you in touch with a contact at a company that is hiring, you’re going through a middle man. In all reality, a staffing agency helps the job seeker get to the top of the résumé pile and puts them in touch with the decision makers who have the power to hire. In this economy, who wouldn’t want that kind of help?

Obviously, companies that utilize staffing agencies are looking for top candidates for their open positions, so it’s safe to say that not everyone qualifies. In any given situation, there may be numerous candidates vying for the same job. Competition is a genuine reality. But, with a staffing agency helping you get your foot in the door, you can be a competitor at the top of the résumé pile, instead of one at the bottom. Makes sense, yes?

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