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What to do After College with your Degree and How a Staffing Firm can Help

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For some Kansas City area college students looking to parlay their college degree plans into a valuable and rewarding career, there is always a bit of uncertainty when it comes to sudden fluctuations in the job market. Much like a smart investor looking to place their funds into opportunities that are likely to pay off at some future point, the forward-thinking college student is always looking at changes in the economy, consumer demand for goods and services, and the political atmosphere. Simply put, the types of available jobs in the Kansas City area three to four years from now may be different from what is available today. As such, making the most of your college experience and degree may rely on a staffing firm to help guide you toward a career that will have job openings at your anticipated time of graduation. Additionally, a staffing firm can also help place you in a part-time employment situation in the Kansas City area that will give you real-world experience even before you graduate and join the working world.

Long-gone are the days when staffing firms were simply called employment agencies and they served one purpose only – to put temporary staffers into positions at any given company at any time. Today, staffing firms are often referred to as “employment partners” by job seekers and recent college grads alike. As the job market expands and contracts with the fluctuations in the local and national economies, staffing firms are a bridge to full-time, permanent employment for college students. The secret behind the success of staffing firms – and the job seekers or recent college grads they typically place in lucrative career positions – is the simple fact that staffing firms have a direct connection to most of the hiring companies in the Greater Kansas City Area. As the old adage states, “It’s all in who you know.”

Given that staffing firms routinely call on human resources assistants, generalists, and directors in companies throughout the Kansas City business community, they have a direct line to who hires in most companies. At the same time, they have an open dialogue with many hiring managers. This line of communication allows staffing firms to hear (well in advance) about the kinds of jobs that will soon be opening in the company. In some cases, staffing firms are privy to information about expansion projects within Kansas City companies that result in new jobs of all types in the future.

When it comes to deciding what to do after college with your degree, the smart college student turns to those who have the answers. For a college student looking to make the most of their college work, internships, and degree, the use of an employment partner (such as Staffing KC in Overland Park) is a tactic that benefits the overall post-collegiate employment strategy by leveraging the best available information about the current and future job market in Kansas City.