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What’s a Contract-to-Hire Placement?

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What’s a Contract-to-Hire Placement?

The workplace as we know it is on a path of evolution. This can be attributed to many things, including the influx of Millennials and Generations Y and Z who bring different attributes to work. These changes include applications of technology and methods of improving work-life balance through flexible work schedules, telecommuting and remote work options.

Exploring Contract-to-Hire
Another workplace change, often attributed to the gig economy, is a prevalence of available short-term and temporary engagements. Contract-to-hire work also known as temp-to-hire, is a way for a job candidate to “try out” a position and the employer to “try out” an employee before either takes the leap to full-time employment. Clients looking to fill a contract-to-hire position will often work with a staffing agency recruiter to find the right candidate.

The staffing agency representing the client will advertise the position, recruit for the role, test via Kenexa Prove It! Assessments and check references before presenting qualified candidates to clients for open opportunities. After receiving an offer, the selected candidate will work on the staffing agency’s payroll for a set amount of time. This is often a 90-day probationary period. If the role and performance is satisfactory to the employer and employee, the candidate will roll onto the company’s payroll and receive the offered benefits.

Benefits of Contract-to-Hire

  • A “try before you buy” which benefits both the company and the jobseeker
  • Ability to see if the skillset that is needed is there and if the company culture is a fit
  • Alleviates company pain points caused by turnover

Bridge to Permanent Employment
The desire for flexibility in the workplace is becoming more prevalent as companies shift to accommodate the ideals of a growing number of Millennial and Gen Y and Z workers. An option like contract-to hire offers workers flexibility and a good way to determine if the workplace is a good fit culturally. Contract-to-hire roles are available in many industries from accounting and sales to marketing and IT and can also be a good way to bridge gaps in employment. Rather than waiting for a full-time position, job seekers can continue to work and build valuable skills. Plus, each role comes with a potential to meet and network with new people.

Flexibility Required
One of the most important aspects of successful contract-to-hire work is the ability to deal with ambiguity and less structure. Each situation is unique and some last longer than others. The ideal candidate is often independent and able to hit the ground running. Those who excel might be offered a permanent position if the company has the desire and budget. If not, there are always more contract-to-hire options that will guarantee a fresh environment and the possibility of new skills to learn.

What’s a Contract-to-Hire Placement? is the third of a multi-part series from Staffing Kansas City featuring some of the most frequently asked job-seeker questions.

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