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Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week

If your business is short on staff and/or short on skills, the answer is a staffing firm. Temporary and contract employees bridge the gap and can help a business stay running at full speed. In honor of those who keep things moving forward, Staffing Kansas City is celebrating its great staffing and contract employees during National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 16-22.

While many businesses may look at the employment of temporary and contract employees as a short-term fix, over the long-term it’s a solution that makes good financial sense. Collectively, staffing and contract employees are a force of nearly 17 million, according to the American Staffing Association. An even greater stat shows that 40.4% of the U.S. workforce is made up of contingent workers, according to Forbes. Contingent workers include temps, on-call, contract, independent contractors, self-employed and part-time workers.

Employment Options
These individuals serve a variety of industries from skilled trades to degreed professionals. Staffing Kansas City offers employment options with job titles ranging from Accounts Receivable and Administrative Assistant to Customer Service and Inside Sales and more. We can offer opportunities that aren’t always visible through job search sites because we work directly with the clients who are looking to hire, placing resumes with the right people the first time. As a result, many of our candidates go on to assume full-time positions in the companies where they are placed.

With a client satisfaction rate far above the national average, Staffing Kansas City is proud to provide “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch.” Our recruiters pride themselves on working face-to-face with clients and candidates to determine the right fit the first time for skills and company culture. We know that our greatest assets are those we serve, and we are thankful for the temporary and contract employees who choose to work with us at Staffing Kansas City.

Get to Know Staffing Kansas City
We’re interested in knowing where you want to work, your greatest strengths and weaknesses and what really interests you now about a job and in the future. Staffing Kansas City is constantly looking for new candidates and new job openings are always available. Meet the Team and learn more about why candidates who work with Staffing Kansas City are in good hands.