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Understanding Why You Want a Job Change

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Depending on the generation you’re from, changing jobs might be something you do with ease and comfort or it might take months or years of weighing the options in order to make the change. The level of comfort felt in making the decision is often very different for someone who has worked a decade or more in one job versus someone who changes jobs every couple of years. For those with a comfort level for change, a new job is often viewed as the next step toward new skills and experiential growth.

Making the Switch
Putting aside one’s comfort level for long- or short-term employment, there inevitably comes a moment of realization when a job no longer feels right. With so many changes spurred on by technology and changing workplace demographics, coming to this realization occurs more often than it used to. For some this might be a relatively quick decision, while others will take months or even years to get comfortable with making the choice.

Understanding the Reason
Because of the fear and uncertainty involved in making a job change, this is not an event to be taken lightly. Changing jobs is considered one of the top five stressors. As a result, it’s worthwhile to understand why making this change is important now and in the future and what the change will achieve, whether that’s the exploration of new skills and experiences or to remedy a lack of growth or responsibility in the current work environment.

Asking the Right Questions
Any time you begin to proactively search for another opportunity, it can be helpful to have a neutral resource that understands the work environment. Working with a staffing recruiter can be a critical asset for assessing where you are now and where you want to go next.


  • Why do you want to leave your current position?
  • Does your current employer know you are unhappy?
  • Have you approached your employer about a change in pay and/or duties?
  • Would earning more money with your current employer make you want to stay?
  • Would having new duties or more responsibility help you enjoy your current job more?

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
Answering these questions is the first step to understanding the root of job dissatisfaction. Too often employees believe a change involving more money, achieved by changing jobs or by accepting a counteroffer, is the answer. Unfortunately, money is often only a temporary comfort, one that fails to make up for other areas of unhappiness. Before making the commitment toward a job change, take the time to dig into why the change is desired. Understanding this is the best way to build a stronger foundation moving forward for today and the future.

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