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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Kansas City Staffing Agency

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It’s generally understood that the duty of the staffing firm is to help job seekers find employment situations with companies, organizations, and firms. At least, this is the prevailing view of those seeking employment opportunities. What’s less commonly known to the general populace is that staffing agencies work with business clients and offer a range of services that are oftentimes outside the ability of the “client company” to perform in-house. That’s not to say that most companies and organizations are somehow without human resources departments or hiring and staffing managers constantly in the process of attracting and screening employment seekers. No, not at all. The reality is that many companies hire staffing agencies to augment their hiring and staffing processes. And given the value and the benefits gained from working with a professional staffing agency (such as Staffing Kansas City), it’s seen as an advantage to the company, as well as the employee.

The following is a list of the top 5 reasons to use a Kansas City staffing agency (and a little bit about each).

1. There’s no time to do a full-scale hiring or recruiting push.
Sometimes, companies find themselves in a need for talented, capable employees at a moment’s notice. Busy companies don’t have the time or resources to place ads, screen resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, check references, and run background checks. But when a company needs to replace a sick employee (or one on paid leave) without pulling another, less-capable employee off another job, a staffing agency is ready to step in and offer a number of highly-qualified candidates for immediate review.

2. You don’t know how to attract and screen the types of employees you need.
Office Managers and HR Assistants have a number of duties they must perform throughout the course of a typical business day. They are highly-skilled and trained to handle a broad range of issues stemming from employment situations and personnel. It is easy to say that they are highly specialized. Staffing agency professionals are also highly specialized – experts in the art of screening and interviewing top employment candidates, with unique abilities to match top job seekers to available positions and corporate culture. Need a perfect fit? Can do! Want to see three more candidates that are also perfect fits? Call a staffing agency.

3. The growing cost associated with recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.
The cost of running job ads, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references and backgrounds are all costly – in terms of money and time. And when you add in the cost of the HR Manager’s salary and the lost opportunity cost when they aren’t able to perform their day-to-day job duties, it’s easy to see why an outside staffing agency is a cost savings to the organization. By the way, if a candidate doesn’t work out, it can be doubly costly and time consuming. Staffing agencies are in the business of finding top candidates and “best fit” employees.

4. The elimination of a tax liability.
Not many people know this one: utilizing a staffing agency relieves the client company of the burden of payroll and unemployment taxes, worker’s comp and health care costs.

5. A guarantee that you’re hiring a “perfect fit” employee.
Who doesn’t like a little “try before you buy” policy? When it comes to utilizing the services of a staffing agency, you get the opportunity to keep trying job candidates until you find the right employee that fits the bill. And you get to do this without incurring additional fees.

At Staffing KC in Overland Park, we have a success record that we’re proud to share. Due to our proprietary software and excellent prescreening process, we typically place 25% of the job seekers we meet. This is a number well above industry averages and a testament to our ability to match top job seekers to available positions and corporate culture.