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The benefits of utilizing a Staffing Agency

The Flexibility of using a Staffing Agency

The work world is changing dramatically. For more and more employees, this means an effective end to the days of retiring with a pension or even a gold watch after years of service. In its place is an ever-evolving work environment where employees must be flexible in work roles and cognizant of the importance of gaining new skills.

Another change that continues to affect the face of the working world is the desire for a work-life balance. Defining work-life balance is often as unique as the individual. In some cases, this might mean an employee desires a flexible schedule that works around a college class. In another case, it might mean a parent is looking to juggle a work schedule to avoid the prohibitive costs of daycare. For someone else, it could be the need to find a schedule that works around the needs of a parent or family member they are caring for.

Staffing KC Overview

Staffing experts are uniquely qualified to match qualified candidates with just the right skill set and personality mix to an employer looking to fill a particular role. This personal approach remains far superior to the old school method of submitting applications online or dropping off a resume at any place that’s hiring. By using a staffing agency, individuals have the opportunity to go through a proven screening process that allows the staffing recruiters to discover which unique skills could best benefit a local employer.

Staffing 101

Temporary Placements – Perfect for individuals looking for a short- or long-term staffing assignment, particularly those needing flexibility in their work schedule. During this time, job candidates remain an employee of the staffing agency.

“Contract to Hire” Placements – For those looking to “try out” a position before becoming a full-time employee of a company. Candidates will go through an interview process but will remain on the staffing agency’s payroll for a set number of hours. This is a great way to experience a particular work environment. It’s also a “try before you buy” for employers.

Direct Hire Placements – This job search method also includes an interview process. When the candidate and employer meet for the interview and decide it is a mutual fit, the employer will offer a permanent job to the candidate. The staffing recruiter is there to assist in negotiations of compensation.

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

Rather than spending precious time filling in applications on LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder and various job boards, why not simplify the job search process by working with a staffing agency? Staffing Kansas City, a full-service employment agency based in Overland Park, works with small- to medium-sized companies to offer positions in secretarial, sales, accounting, clerical, customer service and professional positions throughout Kansas City. Partnering with a staffing agency means you’ll have the inside track on the job search minus the hassle of ambiguous online job searches.

This article is brought to you by Staffing Kansas City, a full-service Kansas City employment agency that provides contract-to-hire, direct hire and temporary employment placement services.