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Temps Are Not Just Clerical Personnel Anymore

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What do you think when you hear the word “temp”? Most people think secretary, admin, or warehouse employee. But that simply isn’t the case anymore. These days, temporary, or “contract employees” perform a wide range of jobs, have a wide range of skills and possess the experience to make them competitive. Just think about an “Interim CEO”, for example—a company’s CEO is out on medical leave, or some other circumstance prevents him or her from running their company… but things have to get done. Hiring a contract CEO to “keep the ball rolling” is often times necessary. And that’s considered “temp work”!

Are you rolling out a new program? Bring in a contracted Project Manager and your full time employees can continue with their day-to-day duties. The result? No one is stressed, and no one is lagging behind on his or her deadlines. Are you experiencing a merger or acquisition? Hire a contract Consultant to gather pertinent information and assemble necessary documentation. Yearly audits are stressful to say the least—so why not hire a contract CPA to get the books/files/records ready? These kinds of contracted consultants enjoy what they do, and possess a unique and tailor-made skill set that will help your company thrive. And the best part is, your office staff won’t have to skip a beat or deal with the sensations of frustration or negativity of feeling overwhelmed by being expected to do jobs they don’t know how—and weren’t hired—to do. Smaller and start-up companies that may not have a C-Level team but need the expertise from time to time can rely on contract C-Level temps.

But who exactly, you might ask, is interested in these sorts of temporary jobs? Isn’t everyone looking for job stability these days, given the economy and the pressures of modern life? Actually, plenty of people welcome, and are even actively seeking contract work! Early retirees are often eager to assist companies through their growth and transitional periods, for example. Not interested in returning to full-time jobs, early retirees often jump at the chance for “something to do,” and the sense of “feeling needed”—as well as the compensation they receive! By utilizing such people on a contracted basis, your company will save a substantial amount of time and money. Also, parents with young children are often very interested in temporary work. Contract work allows them flexibility in their schedules or to work for a certain period of time without committing to more time than they are willing to give.

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