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How Quickly Can We Hire Someone?

So much about the hiring process hinges on time. This includes everything from making the time to sift through what could be a mass of resumes and applications to the interviews necessary for finding the right candidate. In total, it adds up to innumerable hours redirected away from the growth of a business. If a good hire results, it’s viewed as time well spent but a poor or short-term hire equates to the loss of more time and more money.

Open positions also create stress on the hiring team and existing staff, and positions left open too long create the potential to miss qualified candidates. When time is of the essence, choosing to work with staffing experts simplifies the equation of who to hire and when, reducing the stress related to the process.

Hiring Factors
Because staffing recruiters are always on the lookout for new talent, they have a ready database of qualified candidates to choose from when a request comes in. Staffing Kansas City is recruiting 24/7 and can offer services to fulfill temporary needs the same day or for the requested start date. Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hires are dependent on the availability of candidates with the desired skill set. Because our niche is Office Support, we always have top-quality candidates in our pipeline, serving a client’s hiring needs today and in the future.

Team Effort
Hiring is rarely a one-and-done effort. Retaining a staffing company can eliminate internal slowdowns around the hiring process and become a tool to boost a business’s ability to attract and retain quality employees. With a multitude of job opportunities for candidates to choose from, good candidates will pick companies that are ready to hire now.

Timely communication of staffing needs and prompt follow-up between our recruiters and the client facilitate the scheduling of interviews and associated follow-ups. The recruiters at Staffing Kansas City offer the right-fit candidate at the right compensation in the swiftest amount of time. We will never sacrifice quality to save time.

How Quickly Can We Hire Someone is the second of a multi-part series featuring some of our most frequently asked client questions.

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