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New Grads Prefer In-Person and Hybrid Work to Remote

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A new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found 2,307 2023 graduates will seek out in-person and hybrid work positions when they graduate. 51% of the more than 2,300 seniors surveyed who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree want to work in-person. 42% said they would prefer a hybrid work arrangement. This left just 7% looking for jobs that are purely remote.

NACE commented that the preference for in-person and hybrid arrangements includes the ability to have in-person interactions with co-workers and peers. “Coming off the pandemic, Class of 2023 college graduates are keenly aware of the value of personal interaction, especially since operating virtually was the norm for a sustained period of time, and the need for work-life balance,” said Shawn VanDerziel, executive director, NACE.

Prioritizing Job Security

Having seen first-hand the uncertainties created during the pandemic and the resulting economic challenges, the 2023 graduates are lucky to be entering a job market with more promising hiring and lower levels of unemployment. This is different than what many Millennials experienced upon graduating from college.

Recognizing the ongoing potentialities of volatility, particularly in a recessionary environment, new graduates are focusing on roles that will offer job security. These new graduates also are on the lookout for friendly co-workers, opportunities to develop applicable, job-specific skills and work arrangements that encourage the ability to balance work with the responsibilities of family. Other key benefits strongly desired include a company-matched 401K, guaranteed salary increases, dental and medical insurance paid by the employer.

The NACE 2023 Student Survey of 18,966 students was conducted March 15, 2023, to May 19, 2023. 2,307 of those surveyed identified as graduating seniors.