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Staffing Agency Recruiters v. Internal Recruiting

The Advantage Staffing Agency Recruiters Have Over Internal Recruiting

Time is money, and as a businessperson it’s up to you how to use these precious resources. This is a concept easily understood in the moment, but something that requires discernment to really understand how time is best spent. With each of us approaching tasks in a particular way, it’s easy to spend more time on things that are strengths. Skills less practiced and unknown typically equate into the expense of more time and more money.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses, time and money are always important. For example, could an in-house task be accomplished in less time than it would take to outsource? If the task falls into the strengths category, the advantage of keeping things in-house is obvious. On the opposite end of the spectrum, unfamiliar tasks can create additional hours of work and hassle.

Calling the Specialists
Hiring is one of those tasks. On the surface, hiring is straightforward. A company posts an ad and receives applications/resumes of qualified individuals in response. Then interviews take place and presto the company is ready to welcome a new hire. Yet, that’s often not how things go. Instead, job openings handled internally take longer to fill because of schedules that can’t accommodate timely interviews or there’s an underwhelming response of candidates either underqualified or lackluster.

Unlike one-off internal hiring processes, external staffing agency recruiters have an ongoing roster of qualified candidates, making it quicker and easier to fill open positions. This is true whether the unemployment rate is high or low. It’s simply an advantage of strength in numbers. Staffing recruiters are always on the lookout for employees who will be a good fit, without limiting the search to a single employer or a single listing. If one job and/or company is not a match, the staffing agency has other opportunities to share.

Multiple Opportunities
During low-unemployment periods like the country is experiencing now, staffing agencies can become a one-stop shop for jobseekers who are looking for opportunities but may not have the time for a fulltime job search. Staffing agencies working with dedicated clients can place opportunities in front of jobseekers from a range of companies, effectively widening the pool of qualified candidates for any business.

People Power
Hiring in the wrong hands can be a costly lesson. One of the most-important aspects of finding the right candidate is knowing something about the candidate beyond the application or resume. Staffing recruiters make people their business and are trained to pick up on the nuances that might otherwise get missed. These subtle clues are something no applicant tracking system (ATS) will able to pick up on, but something a staffing professional is trained for. When you work with the specialists at Staffing Kansas City, you’re guaranteed a “perfect fit” candidate every time.

Staffing Kansas City Difference

  • Face-to-Face meetings
  • Top 2-3 potential candidate resumes
  • Interview notes and skills testing scores
  • Interview and follow-up post-feedback
  • Employment offer and pre-employment screening
  • Progress follow-up
  • Satisfaction guarantee

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