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Recruiters are retained to find the top 3 candidates for their clients.

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Looking for Employment

Most staffing firms are retained by a client-employer to find individuals with specific skills, knowledge, and experience that best suit their available positions, hiring goals, and corporate culture. In turn, it is the duty of the staffing firm to attract and to screen employment seekers and request that the top five or ten candidates come in to the staffing firm for an initial round of interviews. The process typically results in narrowing the candidate pool to the top three that are subsequently proposed to the client-employer. If the staffing firm has done its job well, one of the three proposed candidates will find themselves with a new job and, potentially, a new career. And while the staffing firm would like to place every person looking for employment into a valued position, the reality is that most staffing firms only place 10% of the job seekers they interview. There are, however, a few things to note.

Staffing firms can only do so much. Given that most staffing firms only place 10% of their job seekers in positions of employment, the idea that a staffing firm is the sole answer to your gainful employment interests is a failed one. Eager job seekers know that utilizing a staffing firm doesn’t mean they stop job hunting, networking, and putting out inquiries on their own. Eager job seekers know that they are their own best advocate.

Go-getters find jobs. In the present economy and jobs market, there is little benefit to sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. When you’re unemployed, under-employed, or looking for a new position that suits you better than your current position, it should be noted that finding a job is a full-time job in itself. To successfully gain employment, you must continually search for opportunities, network with those who are already employed themselves, accept constructive direction from your peers and other experts who have your best interests in mind, and, most of all, keep your eyes and your mindset focused on the ultimate goal. Landing a good job isn’t a game of luck. Those who find themselves gainfully employed know that luck, by definition, is when preparation meets opportunity.

Who you know is important. Staffing firms are filled with professional recruiters who have spent the better part of their careers networking with hiring managers and human resources staffers and building relationships that are mutually beneficial. For those seeking employment, a recruiter can be a powerful ally in the job hunt. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself to your recruiter. Tell them why you’re one of the top 10% for the next job that comes open.

Stay positive. Looking for work can be frustrating. And although a recruiter will easily understand your frustrations, you must keep in mind that they are employed to find “perfect fit” candidates for their clients. As such, being open and honest with your recruiter is good advice. Not every job is a right fit. Flexibility will serve you well. Be prepared to discuss other positions, other markets or industries, and be open to changing the course of your employment search should it be necessary.

Know who is best able to help you find work. Not every staffing firm is the same. Some are more capable than others. And although we cannot speak for the majority of staffing firms in the nation, we’re able to talk at length about our successes in helping job seekers in Kansas City find employment situations with great KC companies, organizations, and firms. We have a success record that we’re proud to share. Due to our proprietary software and excellent prescreening process, Staffing KC in Overland Park typically places 25% of the job seekers we meet. This is a number well above industry averages and a testament to our ability to match top job seekers to available positions and corporate culture.