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Recognize Your Temporary Employees

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Treating Temporary Workers as Employees

Being a temporary worker is not an easy task. You might even say it requires moxie and a continual dose of bravery. A temporary worker is someone who willingly walk into an unknown environment to complete a job working with an unfamiliar group of people. Which is why it’s a mystery that temp workers don’t automatically receive more respect from their temporary employer.

Temp workers regularly display some of the most important soft skills including flexibility, communication, listening and observation. They are a group ready to walk into a new situation where their skills, prior experience and a willingness to try new things is all they currently have at their disposal.

Industry Glue
Throughout the year, temporary workers help fill the open slots of a business, helping companies pick up the slack when business picks up and providing a replacement when full-time employees leave for vacation. By nature, temp workers understand their assignment will have a dedicated start and stop date so during this time they are assimilating to the culture and team to find the best ways to contribute.

Despite all of this, being a temp worker can be a lonely endeavor. Each of these individuals knows they are a contributor, but they often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Knowing the important role temporary workers play, it’s to a company’s advantage to welcome them as another employee. Introduce them to the team they are working with, provide them with a spot for their coat and personal items and refer to them by name. No one likes being called “the temp.”

Remember that the little things do matter, and they also can boost or harm collaboration all around. If you want temp employees to remain up-to-speed, include them in the day-to-day work, including timely communication and training. Invite these employees to company lunches, group outings and happy hours. Give your staffing firm permission to pay them holiday pay, recognizing their contribution as you do every other employee. These little perks make the contract/temp employee feel included and boost their commitment to the work they provide to the staffing firm and the contracted company.

Making Temporary Workers Feel Welcome

  • Send a letter of welcome
  • Ask team members to greet and offer a friendly smile
  • Host an orientation session or welcome meeting
  • Assign a mentor to show them the layout of the office
  • Offer a free lunch or coffee on the first day
  • Instigate regular check-ins to see how the employee is doing
  • Include in communication and training
  • Remember word of mouth on social media and employer rating sites also comes from temp employees
  • Ask their perspective

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