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Not All Staffing Agencies are Created Equal

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Despite what you might have heard, don’t turn the intricacies of recruitment over to artificial intelligence (AI) just yet. At Staffing Kansas City, an independent, Women Business Enterprise-certified staffing agency, we believe recruitment should be built on a foundation of people talking to people.

This means we’re looking to discover what makes our clients and our candidates tick. And you can only discover these things by establishing a one-on-one relationship – one built on trust. With more than 70 years of collective recruiting experience, we know this approach can make the difference between a so-so hire and a great hire.


As a full-service staffing agency, our recruiters are proud to have a long and successful history of representing clients of small- and medium-sized businesses and placing candidates throughout the Kansas City metro. This partnership begins with meeting each client and each candidate to learn their goals and create an action plan for finding the right fit on both sides of the interview desk.

To create the win-win-win mentality Staffing Kansas City is known for, we must start with a solid understanding of who we are as job recruiters and with whom we are working. From our clients, we need clarity to understand the role and the culture in which the role is performed. This includes zeroing in on the hard and soft skills that will help a candidate thrive in the environment. Only when this is clear for the recruiter and the client can we begin the candidate search.

We also know job candidates who are a match in hard and soft skills, temperament and environment are more likely to enjoy their role and be a success story for the client and Staffing Kansas City. Additionally, employees who thrive culturally and, in their role, are more likely to go the extra mile to become an asset for the company, and this kind of team player deserves to be recognized.

Each month, the Staffing Kansas City Purple Heart award recognizes one employee who goes above and beyond by showing a strong work ethic, outstanding communication, unparalleled dedication, and superior performance and attendance.

A Viable Partner

We also understand our recruitment methods must remain nimble and reflect the same level of valor and dedication. Our staff are active participants in national and local staffing associations such as the Missouri and Kansas Search and Staffing Association, the local chapter of the American Staffing Association and the National Association of Personnel Services, which supports training and ethical practices for companies in the staffing industry. This allows our staff to support a strong connection with what’s happening in the world of recruitment, so we can continue to provide reliable “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” for our clients and candidates today and in the future.

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