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Making the Employment Connection


A statistic from the American Staffing Association (ASA) might shine a bright spot for who might secretly harbor fears about the rise of technology when it comes to finding a job. 77% of those surveyed prefer human interaction when looking for a job and 76% find value working with a person rather than simply relying on technology, according to an ASA Workforce Monitor finding. The survey of 1,008 U.S. adults also found another 74% find value in working with a person rather than just technology.

Essential Human Element

People have always been a part of the hiring equation but the push to digitize as much information as possible has unfortunately shifted the humans applying the technology into the background. This is unfortunate when you consider how much of the interview process and ultimately the work being done to hire is all about the person – the interviewer and the interviewee.

Humans have the ability of discern and reason in a way that few technological applications can match. This is one of the many reasons why working with employment staffing and recruiting companies is one of the top five ways to land a job. While recruiters will always use technology such as Applicant Tracking Systems and skills testing to evaluate large numbers of candidates, the human element remains essential to learn more about what’s important to an individual candidate.

High Percentage Job Search

  • 43% word of mouth
  • 30% contacts or acquaintances with prospective employers
  • 25% staffing and recruiting companies

Personalized Approach

This in-depth dive is also important for the companies that work with staffing agencies. No matter how quickly a company needs to hire, no company wants just any candidate. The job candidate needs to be a good match not only for the skills required but also for the company environment. If a candidate is not the right match in skills and/or environment, then the candidate is more likely to fail. An incorrect fit can impact both the job seeker and the business when both must start from scratch – the business by needing to look for a new hire and the job seeker who is left to find new employment.

When looking for a job or looking to hire, the optimum solution is finding a staffing agency that puts the people ahead of the process. Recruiters who get to know the needs of the company and the candidates they represent have a better chance at making a successful match. Businesses who choose to work with a staffing agency benefit from timely hiring practices that place only the most qualified candidates in front of the hiring manager. Candidates who work with a staffing agency benefit from the advocacy of a recruiter who is in tune with their skills as well as understanding the industry and environment where the candidate would most thrive.