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Job Seekers – LinkedIn is Not Dead!

Staffing Kansas City recruiter Ashley Gardner is here to answer your most-asked questions about LinkedIn profiles. Learn why it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile current and how to use your profile to catch the eye of job recruiters like Ashley.

Q: What are some of the most important reasons for keeping LinkedIn profiles up to date?
Ashley: An updated profile prepares you for networking and career opportunities – today and in the future.

Q: How often do you recommend updating a profile?
Ashley: Updates should happen anytime something new happens: a new job, a promotion, expanded education milestones and when you’re looking to make a change in employment.

Q: Why is important for a job seeker’s resume and LinkedIn profile to match?
Ashley: A matching resume and LinkedIn profile demonstrates a candidate possesses attention to detail and a level of professionalism.

Q: What kind of picture do you recommend for the profile?
Ashley: A headshot from the shoulders up is the best.

Q: Is it important to use keywords in a profile?
Ashley: Yes, the use of keywords is especially important if you are skilled in a specific software, industry or have relevant certifications. It’s also important to use keywords or phrases you want to be found with or associated with.

Q: If so, where are the best places to insert keywords?
Ashley: Endorsements are always great to add keywords. Also, look for ways to incorporate keywords in job descriptions, summaries and titles. Just don’t overdo it!

Q: Are there particular sections you like to see more information?
Ashley: I like to see a brief description of your job duties and not just in your title, but this is my preference.

Q: Are there things recruiters find unappealing or a turn-off in a profile?
Ashley: I don’t like seeing profiles with an unprofessional picture and misspelled words. It lacks polish.

Q: Do you have any opinion about adding video, additional photos or other media to a profile?
Ashley: I say go for it if you can! This is especially good if you are in a creative industry and want to showcase your work. It’s also great to see a resume attached to a profile as media. Those extras help set candidates apart.

Q: How important is it to add accomplishments, memberships or volunteer work?
Ashley: I think this depends on your industry and career level, so tailor it as appropriate. I’m most interested in your work history and what career move you’re wanting to make. However, your profile should be applicable to the career you are seeking.

Q: What’s the No. 1 thing most people overlook in a profile?
Ashley: From my experience, most people overlook how important it is to update a profile with new internal promotion information or when college graduates land new employment.

Q: Anything else you look for in a great profile?
Ashley: If you are a job seeker and your search isn’t confidential, use your “About” section to let recruiters and hiring managers know what you’re looking for. For example, if you are a sales professional looking to get out of sales, let us know that so we aren’t reaching out to you about sales roles.