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KC Staffing Firm Recruiting | Screening Process

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It should come as no surprise that many job seekers have considered contacting a professional staffing agency to help them with the process of finding anew employment opportunity. Given the current state of the economy and the job market in Kansas City, the process for successfully landing a job interview at a medium to large-size company has become difficult at best. In many cases, a position may go to the candidate that has an inside track – a professional advocate at a staffing firm. Many of these job seekers are already employed but simply looking for an advancement opportunity or a career change. As a result, they typically have little free time to put in the effort (research, networking, submissions) that goes toward the job application process. But, at the same time, they may be wary of utilizing a professional staffing agency in Kansas City due to the fact that they are simply unfamiliar with the screening and recruiting process. This article aims to demystify the process that professional staffing firms use to screen and recruit top talent for Kansas City job placement.

The first step in the process begins with filling out an online application for the staffing firm. Basic information about the individual is collected. Once the application is completed and submitted, the staffing firm makes use of a proprietary piece of software that scans the application for specific skills and keywords related to the candidate’s employment background. This assessment process is quick and allows the staffing firm to waste no time in sorting out a potential match for immediate employment opportunities.

The second step in the process is a phone interview. The purpose of the phone interview is to hear the candidate talk about their skills, education, and employment history in their own words. As many initial job interviews with hiring companies begin over the phone, there is much to be said about how well a candidate for a position speaks and communicates.

The third step in the staffing recruiting and screening process is an in-person interview with the KC staffing firm. The candidate is assessed on their personal presentation and interviewing skills. The aim of this assessment is to help the candidate best prepare for interviews with companies that are expected to hire for their skills and background. Also in this in-person interview, the staffing firm may provide a résumé evaluation, as well as discuss with the candidate any future goals or expected outcomes for their employment. Business reference checks are made.

The following steps in the process depend on what type of job the candidate is seeking. In many administrative employment situations, the candidate is evaluated on their experience and skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, or Access. Some are tested on their familiarity with QuickBooks.

At this point, the typical recruiting and screening process is complete. Qualified candidates are presented to employer-clients for job interviews that match their skills and background. If the candidate is considered a good match by the hiring company, a criminal background check is performed and the hiring process begins.