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Job Recruiters and Job Candidates Find Difficulty in Making a Connection

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With job recruiters struggling to pinpoint the right job candidates, it might be helpful to take notes from marketing peers who use personas to pinpoint the right buyer for a product. A persona is a fictional, yet realistic, description of a typical user of a particular product. In the world of job recruitment, a persona could help find candidates who can best fill roles. This would also include skills they will bring, certifications, education, training, etc. Being clear about who job recruiters wish to reach can help streamline the search early on, and it is a foundational element for building a talent pipeline.

The State of Recruitment Marketing in 2024, a report from Symphony Talent, looked at some of the trends, priorities and challenges recruiting professionals currently face.

Almost half (48%) of job recruiters surveyed said building a talent pipeline is a priority. Yet many find themselves weighed down by the use manual systems and processes such as appointment setting. 47% say manual systems and processes interfere with their ability to connect with talent. Some might find this to be a larger number than expected, especially with the increasing availability of artificial intelligence (AI) in job recruiting practices.

Talent Assessments

There is also division on the use of assessments to drive good hiring practices. 73% of those in the C-Suite believe talent assessments can result in more quality hires, but close to half (45%) of organizations see the assessments as a source of friction when hiring. Depending on the level of employee being sought for a role, the assessment may be off-putting to those that are asked to “prove” their skills.

Increasing Retention

This is leading organizations to see that retention cannot thrive with a one-and-done approach. One of the most popular, the employee referral program, is used by 86% of organizations. These referrals often come from satisfied employees who are already happy in their job, so it makes sense these proponents are the best to “sell” a job at the company to potential employees.

Internal Mobility

Job candidates of all ages, and particularly younger generations, look for internal mobility. In-house opportunities send a strong message of growth and stability, proving a company is willing to invest in its employees. This can include an internal career site to communicate open positions, which is used by 70% of those surveyed. Companies that wish to be more active in the process can investigate creating mentorship programs, in-house employee committees and offer training to keep employees interested and engaged in the company’s work.

“In today’s rapidly changing job market, it’s increasingly important for organizations to have access to actionable insights to make informed decisions about their talent acquisition strategies,” concluded Kermit Randa, CEO, Symphony Talent.