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It is Not Personal, It is Business

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One of the most important jobs a staffing recruiter does is to screen candidates. This is a matching game of many elements. In short, it’s not just about finding the right employer for the right employee; it’s also about determining the best combination of skills, personality and resilience for a particular environment.

Identifying the skill set and personality of a candidate is a natural part of any face-to-face interview, yet too many job seekers see this as the culmination. From this angle, it’s easy to make the assumption that achieving a match of skills with a particular job should be enough to get a role but in reality, the job search is much more complex.

When an employer interviews multiple job seekers for a role, they are looking far beyond a skill set. Each interview is geared to determining the particular attributes a candidate could bring to the job. This could be anything from experience in a particular industry, a teamwork attitude or prior experience working with someone else in the company.

Strength in Individuality

One of the most important attributes a potential candidate can bring to the table is the ability to showcase why they are the best for the role. Once this is shared, then it’s up to the employer to choose the right candidate for their particular situation. Considering only one person can be chosen, there will always be many candidates qualified for the one position. Why one is picked over the other differs in every situation, and the job seeker should not take this choice personally.

It’s Just Business

As much as we want to work in places where we can be a valued contributor, it’s important to realize that employers make decisions based on what is best for the company. Finding the right job fit takes time, similar to dating. Use these situations as lessons to see what you want and highlight what you don’t want, allowing you to be more selective over time. If the interview doesn’t result in an offer, this is a good opportunity to go back to the job recruiter and ask for feedback and constructive criticism.

Added Incentive

Remaining positive helps you stay clear on what you want from employment and whom you want to work for. See each interview as a possibility to showcase your unique talents and meet new people, building a network of resources.

Steps to Keep your Focus and Cool

Stay positive – Each interview is a learning experience. Use this to your advantage by asking questions and really understanding what your skills bring to the role

Focus on what you can control – People by nature are unpredictable. We say one thing and do another. Allowing room for this can make it easier to learn from the process instead of trying to control the outcome.

Work for You – You spend a lot of time at work so be clear on what’s important for you to have from not only a work perspective but a work culture, too. Instead of a kitchen-sink approach, look for employers who make you proud to go to work and contribute your unique skills.

Watch for Connections – The world is smaller than we think. Each person we meet holds an opportunity to make an impression, positive or negative. People remember these things and share them with others.

Above all, be the candidate you’d want to hire. The positive and problem-solving nature you’re developing will benefit you now and when you land the job that’s right for you.

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