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Is it Time to Hire?

Three Signs it’s Time to Begin the Hiring Process

The business of hiring can be both scary and exciting. The exciting part being when the need to hire signals growth and increased outputs. On the flip side, hiring new employees can sometimes feel like one more thing to do, especially when it comes time to make room in a schedule to screen and interview potential candidates. Knowing this dichotomy exists, it’s critical to know when it’s the best time to begin the hiring process.

Signs it’s Time to Hire

  1. Bottlenecks – Businesses that are already working at full capacity have little ability to handle anything extra. Additional business in the form of new customers and/or new products can create a slow-down in operations at the worst possible time. Adding more staff in critical areas can help minimize bottlenecks, ultimately improving production and the bottom line.
  2. Missed Opportunities – Hiring and retaining an adequate number of skilled employees ensures business owners can focus on growing the business versus “working” the business. Don’t miss growth opportunities because you’re short-staffed!
  3. Inability to Delegate – A business is only as strong as its individual parts. In a best-case scenario that’s having employees that can keep all elements of a business up and running efficiently. Contract employees, for example, can offer existing team members a break from core tasks and provide short-term replacements for vacation and medical leave so the business can keep moving forward.

Considering a Staffing Option
Knowing the time and energy that must go into the hiring process, it’s advantageous to consider the services of a trusted staffing agency. Staffing experts are constantly on the lookout for quality candidates with a variety of skills in a range of positions and industries. These employment experts work directly with business owners and in-house HR reps to provide direct-hire, temporary placement and contract-to-hire positions for office support professionals including sales, marketing, accounting, administrative, clerical, reception and customer service to name a few.

Retaining an employment partner is a win-win-win for all parties, offering flexible assistance when a business needs it most along with a potential path toward permanent employment for qualified candidates.

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