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Spring and Summer Breaks Offer Companies a Staffing Opportunity

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Spring has finally arrived for Kansas City, signaling a much-needed change in the seasons. At the same time, the arrival of spring means that many college students will soon be looking for short-term employment opportunities in Kansas City when they come back for spring and summer breaks. This time of year is particularly advantageous for companies who are looking to staff up their rosters and utilize eager-to-work college students for short-term staffing needs, special projects, vacation coverage, and even medical leave coverage for current employees.

College students can be a wellspring of new labor, talent, and ideas for companies and organizations of all types. Many Kansas City companies already know that utilizing talented and eager college students is a win-win situation. College students are, by nature, open to new learning and new ideas and excited about the challenges and opportunities that await them in the business world after graduation. Due to the fact that much of their knowledge about business is theoretical in nature (book learning), they tend to approach real-world job duties with a great deal of interest and energy. What’s more, college students are typically flexible to work a variety of duties and mixed schedules. They typically do not arrive on the job with preconceived notions and take direction well. Again, a win-win for employers!

Companies looking to staff up a special project – such as a new sales or marketing effort, a product development project, or a customer care initiative – may benefit from hiring college students during the spring and summer breaks due simply to the fact that college students enjoy learning new skills and welcome the opportunity to meet and network with people in the local business community. And for college students looking to expand their knowledge of the markets and industries they’re studying in their college courses, a short-term opportunity with a Kansas City business will allow them to return to school in the autumn with an advantage over those who spend their summer break leisurely.

Smart college students know that their best chances for success after graduation will come from practical skills they can only gain and build through seasonal employment opportunities and internships. It’s no secret that college students have unique opportunities to meet and network with business community leaders, learn about new industries, and “beef” up their resumes through short-term employment opportunities over spring and summer breaks. At the same time, it should also be known that these same short-term hires afford hiring managers and human resources staff members an opportunity to “sample” the forthcoming college graduate pool. And when a company hiring push is in the near future, a stock of pre-grad college students on a temporary work hire allows the HR department a rare opportunity to try potential employees and groom the “best fit” candidates.

Upon graduation, these same short-term hires provide companies with pre-trained stock that are already in tune with company culture, processes, and co-workers. Staffing Kansas City works with clients, college students for short-term hire, and those seeking summer interns – creating a wealth of successful short-term and long-term opportunities for all.