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Facebook for Jobs?

Facebook: The Newest Job Search Site

Many interviewers ask the question of where a candidate sees themselves in the next five years. Common responses include plans for promotion, training or additional education, but few would believe five years also equates to the number of years the average person will spend on social media in a lifetime.

Whether or not you see yourself among the social influencers, the power of social networks is an undeniable presence for many throughout the day. Updating social posts, check-ins and uploading pics is ubiquitous. As a result, it’s easier than ever to shift other tasks online including the job search, sharing resumes, posting callouts for new opportunities and uploading online resumes and portfolios. With the potential of hundreds of connections on multiple social sites, it’s easier than ever to turn a casual Friend or follower into a potential network of influencers and leads.

Average Time Per Day on Social Media

  • YouTube – 40 minutes
  • Facebook – 35 minutes
  • Snapshat – 25 minutes
  • Instagram – 15 minutes
  • Twitter – 1 minute

Ready Audience
Considering the above numbers, it should come as little surprise Facebook is expanding its reach into the job search game. In February, Facebook announced it would add an additional 40 countries, including Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and the UK to “Facebook Jobs”. Facebook introduced the feature to users in the U.S. and Canada in 2016, but the wider February rollout now includes additional options enabling the creation of job posts on mobile, management of applications and the ability for businesses to schedule interviews through the social platform.

Easy as a Status Update
Job searchers can review jobs from several areas on Facebook including the Jobs dashboard, the Jobs option of the Explore section, the Jobs icon in Marketplace and from the Jobs tab on a Facebook Business page. Uploading an application includes the ability to auto-fill an application using saved Facebook profile information and the option to edit before submitting. Potential candidates can also sign up for alerts regarding new job openings through Facebook Messenger.

Businesses looking to use the updated Jobs feature on their Facebook Business page can create job listings on the page, which will appear in the News feed with the option to boost the post for greater visibility. Page owners also have an opportunity to communicate with potential candidates through Facebook’s Messenger conversation app.

Social Rules Apply

  • Manage privacy settings so the right audience receives the right message
  • Avoid posting objectionable photos
  • Refrain from posting negative comments
  • Ensure all social accounts tell the same story
  • Show personality and good communication skills
  • Accurately represent job, extracurricular and volunteer experiences
  • Engage in positive posting and avoid trolling

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