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Employment Recruiting for a People-Centric Workforce

If you’re a fan of leadership-related reading, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the growing trend of employment recruiting for a people-centric workplace. Obviously, the workplace has always relied on the contributions of people, but what makes this unique is a renewed focus on the individual and the skills and talents they bring to an organization. In the best-case scenario, when great candidates join a company with a strong and positive culture, both the establishment and its people thrive.

Matching Employer with Employee

Considering this from the viewpoint of an employment recruiter, it’s common to see gaps between the desire to work for a great employer and the non-verbal signals given off during the recruitment process. Companies with the ability to attract potential employees with strong values and transparency inevitably contain a workforce of conscientious individuals who look to match their employer’s efforts with their own enthusiasm and strong work ethic.

From the moment a potential employment hire steps in the door, a staffing recruiter is looking for signs that make them a good match for a particular employer. This can include anything from how they greet people in the office to whether or not they look at their phone during the meeting. Both actions have the potential to convey how a potential hire demonstrates respect.

During the 45 minutes to an hour you’ll meet with the employment recruiter consider any communication device other than your own eyes, ears, hands and mouth as unessential. This is true even if you rely on your phone to hold the contact information of references. Why is this so important? Bringing in a phone to an interview has the potential to become an unwelcome barrier between you and the person you’re meeting. Reaching the stage where someone is ready to talk about a new position is a big deal. If during the process the recruiter finds you more absorbed in Instagram or texting than the present task (the interview), it’s reasonable for them to assume you’re more interested in what’s happening on your phone than securing a new job.

Employees Should Stay Engaged

There’s bound to be some downtime after filling out the necessary paperwork and forms. Instead of picking up your phone and making a virtual escape, take the time to refresh yourself on why you are looking for a job, what skills you offer to a new employer, and potential ways to solve a pain point for a new employer. This behavior demonstrates respect to the staffing recruiter and a potential employer. Those who you meet are more likely to remember someone who is engaging. Otherwise, you become “just another candidate” on his or her phone. If you are truly interested in finding a position in the growing people-centric work culture, temporarily leave the technology aside and show what you bring to the workplace as an individual.

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