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Do You Really Know Who You’re Hiring??

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Can you spot the fake interviewee? As if the job interview and hiring process wasn’t difficult enough, now companies have the added worry of whether a job candidate is legitimate or not. The new twist on the interview involves the employ of a proxy to sit in, in place of the genuine candidate. These proxy candidates in the bait-and-switch interview process are not cheap, with stand-ins going for as much as $150 an hour.

If you’re wondering how or why this is occurring, the reasons are many. This could include a candidate who is extremely nervous, poor English language skills, being underqualified for a position or on the more sinister side, a criminal who is looking to steal data. The criminal angle being more prevalent for those hiring in the IT field where there’s a greater potential for access to important information. Some see the occurrence of these bait-and-switch interviews have increased with more companies agreeing to work from home situations and more overseas hiring.

Thorough Interview Process

The fake professionals trend further illustrates the importance of knowing who you are working with. As staffing recruiters, we know the importance of knowing who we are working with both from the client side and the candidate side. On the client side, this includes knowing what the business needs in the role, as well as being informed about the company culture. On the candidate side, we want to know that a candidate is the best person for the job. This means a thorough interview process along with skills testing as it pertains to the job position.

As a staffing partner, we strive to be an extension of your business to successfully place new employees when and where they are needed, the first time. Check out an overview of our job candidate selection process. The hands-on approach of our Staffing Kansas City recruiters ensures both companies and job seekers are in good hands. As your partner, we promise clients and candidates a one-on-one relationship. When you work with Staffing Kansas City, you’ll always know who you are hiring.