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Debunking the Myth: Staffing Firms Only Place the Unemployed

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Debunking the Myth: Staffing Firms Only Place the Unemployed

Some ideas seem to take on a life of their own. Often no one knows exactly where an idea started, but now it’s accepted as fact. In the staffing industry, one of these misconceptions is staffing agencies only work with those who are currently unemployed.

Yes, it’s true staffing agencies are here to help those who are unemployed, but they are also a great advocate for finding and securing top talent for employers and making the job search more efficient for candidates.

Streamlining the Search
By understanding the needs of the business and the skills of the candidates looking for a position, staffing recruiters amplify and simplify the job search and hiring processes. This allows businesses that are hiring and those who are job searching to concentrate on finding the best candidate and the right position.

Choosing to work with a staffing recruiter also translates into a savings of time and effort. For example, staffing recruiters pre-screen all candidates. This eliminates the need to sift through piles of applications and resumes. The more applications a business must work through, the more difficult it is to see how one candidate stands out from another. As a candidate, not standing out translates into wasted time in applying and a missed opportunity to show off who they are as a person regarding their skills.

Hiring the Person
Hiring in its truest sense is about the person, and one of a job recruiter’s most important attributes is the ability to assess a candidate. Identifying a candidate’s ability to lead with a positive attitude, work with others and possess a learning mindset are all qualities helping to set one candidate apart from another. This knowledge makes the candidate real in a way no application or resume alone could.

Relationship-Centric Approach
The existing relationships the staffing recruiter maintains with hiring managers at a variety of business and industries means there’s a constant pool of possibilities. At any time, businesses are on the lookout for candidates with certain skill sets and attributes. The specifics may differ slightly from industry to industry or business to business, but it’s up to the recruiter to always present the best candidates for the position.

This always-on approach means no business needs to start recruitment from scratch. Smart employers know they can decrease hiring time by calling a dedicated job recruiter who can speak to the strengths of a range of possible candidates. Those making the hiring decision will only see candidates who are a good match for the role they need to fill.

For the job candidate, recruiters place hiring information and qualifications directly into the hands of those looking to fill the position, eliminating the possibility of an application or resume never reaching the right person. Staffing agencies guarantee companies receive the candidates they need, and candidates find the jobs they want.

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