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A Proactive Guide to Job Searching

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Within every aspect of life, there are high points as well as low points. The same could be said of the job market in the Kansas City area. On one side of the state we’re seeing continuing layoffs from a major telecommunications provider while one of the biggest employers in the bi-state area is making plans for another location in Missouri.

The current state of the job market can be as subjective as the news reports you read or the people that you interact with. Those who have been out of the job scene or newly graduated may in particular find that the job scene is more competitive and complicated than they originally thought because of increased competition and limited job availability in certain fields.

No matter if you’re currently looking or still in school, Staffing KC, a Kansas City-based staffing recruiter has a number of suggestion that can assist in a job search.

Keep your work history current – It’s never beneficial to have a gap in your work history. If you are looking to explore a new industry or you’re new to the job scene and can’t find a job position, consider a paid or unpaid internship or volunteer to learn or strengthen skill sets.

Remain flexible during a search – The old saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket does have some merit, especially when it comes to the job search. Apply for jobs everywhere that might be a good fit for your skill set but don’t apply just to say that you’ve applied.

Call on your network – The internet and various other communication tools have made networking easier than ever. Just remember that on-screen options should never replace in-person communication. Staffing recruiters want to know how you’ll interact with co-workers in a workplace.

Don’t delay work for school – Continuing education can be a great thing in terms of skill building but don’t accumulate unnecessary debt without a way to pay it off. Some employers offer education reimbursement, which can be the best of both worlds if you have the bandwidth to do work and school.

Follow your passions – Never accept a job that you lack interest in. This is a disservice to you and the employer. People who enjoy what they are doing will naturally work harder and will not mind doing so. Hating a job is the best way to get de-motivated fast!

Stay hungry for new knowledge – Always remember the feeling of getting lost in an activity that you love. This means being on the lookout for free seminars to attend, volunteer opportunities to try, and articles and posts for any and all things you are interested in. You never know when one thing might lead to another, and it could also turn into something great for the resume.

Ask for an informational interview – Think that you might have an interest in a particular industry, job or company? Consider asking for an informational interview to learn more. It’s a great way to gain valuable information as well as directly convey your interest, if desired.

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