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A KC Staffing Agency Can Help You Fill Jobs Openings at Small and Mid-sized Companies

KC Staffing Firms fill Jobs Openings at Small and Mid-sized Companies

Let’s face it, many of us know the names of the major businesses and corporations in the Greater Kansas City Area. After all, Fortune 500 companies frequent most major job fairs as well as college campuses. But what is the hiring rate with the Big Five-Hundreds and how much job security can you count on during your time with them? Large corporations have their place in the employment market and they can provide a beneficial work environment for many job seekers. But for those who are unsure of the big corporate adventure, it should be known that there are many employment opportunities in Kansas City with small to mid-sized companies.

Did you know that 97% of all businesses in Kansas City are actually small? In fact, in 2012 small businesses created 63% of the new jobs available across the United States. For Kansas City, that means that 48,757 businesses are each employing 100 individuals or less (according to an analysis of Census Bureau data performed by the Kansas City Business Journal). Mid-sized businesses are prospering as well. Mid-sized companies are responsible for 34% of the jobs in this nation. In fact, a Fisher College study from 2007-2010 discovered that mid-sized companies are adding over 2 million jobs. Larger companies are noted as cutting over 3 million jobs. There is job security to be gained in a small business and this is where a staffing agency in Kansas City can help.

At Staffing Kansas City, we look at a variety of businesses (of all sizes) to determine the best fit for our job candidates. Given the sheer number of small businesses in the area, we look at a great deal of small to mid-sized businesses—exploring every possibility and opportunity. Many small business owners are hiring in KC, offering valuable job experiences, as well as a certain degree of security to their employees. With the help of Staffing Kansas City, qualified job candidates are able to interview for some of the best jobs at businesses they never knew existed.

Kansas City is unique in that its corporate landscape is very much a part of its urban and suburban culture. But with so many small and mid-sized business employment options, how does an employment seeker find the job that is right for them? This is where Staffing Kansas City can help. For many small to mid-sized businesses, having their own fully-staffed human resources department is unlikely. This is why more and more small and mid-sized businesses are partnering with agencies like Staffing Kansas City to help them locate temporary and permanent employees. As a staffing agency in Kansas City, we have a wealth of direct connections – in both employers and job candidates.

At Staffing Kansas City, we can help you find the right job or the perfect-fit candidate you need. Through the relationships we’ve built in Kansas City, we can shorten the time it takes to fill a position at a small or mid-sized company.

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