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Utilizing Temporary Employees During the Winter Holidays

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and the winter holidays not far behind, this is the time of year when businesses start to experience increased concern over coverage in the workplace. At businesses across the Kansas City area, this time of year is a perfect storm of employee absences and additional staffing needs that causes an undue amount of headaches. Why? First off, ’tis the season for employee shortages due to holiday vacations, as well as absences due to seasonal illnesses. These shortages can reduce the on-site workforce to minimum operating levels and cause stress among those who have to pick up the pace. And, unfortunately, this is also the season when additional staffing is often needed to cover expected surges in business. (You don’t have to be in the retail business to feel the fourth-quarter surge, you know.) So, for those expecting to feel a staffing pinch during the holiday season, there are only two real solutions to the problem.

1. You can go about your business as normal, expecting the remaining employees in the office to pick up the slack and cover all the extra work left behind by their departing co-workers.

2. You can inventory your staffing needs by looking at vacation requests on the schedule and plan to utilize holiday temporary services to help get you through November, December, and January (and the occasional staffing loss due to the cold and flu season).

Obviously, any forward-thinking business owner can see the problems inherent to the first solution. The holiday months are stressful enough for most workers, considering the normal jump in expected output on the job, as well as personal stress that comes from juggling work and family and holiday-related responsibilities and all associated costs. So, why do so many businesses try to load employees with extra work over the holiday season, rather than try to staff the office with high-quality temporary workers? That’s a good question!

Let’s face it, the holiday season is hard on staffing, due simply to the fact that people naturally want time off to spend with their families. Business owners are, therefore, left with a decision. They want to give their valued employees time away from work during the holiday season, yet they are stressed to the breaking point with work. What to do? From the perspective of a professional staffing agency that helps businesses across Kansas City staff holiday temporary jobs, the decision is an easy one. Hire some help!

If you need to staff your office with experienced, vetted holiday temporary workers for vacation coverage, seasonal illnesses, or holiday events, a professional staffing agency such as Staffing Kansas City can provide a wealth of talent. (By the way, college students and teachers who are looking for temporary work during the holiday break are an excellent resource for those looking to fill holiday temporary jobs.) The benefits gained from utilizing holiday temporary services are numerous, but, most importantly, your office is able to run at full capacity while responding to an increase in demands from clients and customers. The holidays are stressful enough, so why run your office under-staffed and run the risk of aggravating customers, stressing employees, or losing business? Call in some holiday staffing reinforcements and make certain that everyone has a happy holiday season!

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