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Tough Lessons are Learned by Choosing Cost over Expertise

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We know that having the right tool for a job can go a long way in making the actual work more efficient. The same can be said about having the right internal and external team in place in your business. For example, payroll is a critical element and reliable implementation is instrumental to getting customers and employees paid on-time.

Because of its importance, many companies decide to outsource their payroll to a company that specializes in payroll. This step can be extremely helpful in helping an organization streamline its business operations and boost reliability. Problems can arise though when these dedicated companies decide to expand beyond traditional payroll duties.

Should Have Known

Staffing Kansas City recently learned a tough lesson when it changed payroll providers. The change promised cheaper 401K services through the new payroll company with a plan specialist dedicated to serve Staffing Kansas City’s staff.

Though what was promised was not delivered. Instead of receiving a dedicated representative, we found ourselves with a “plan implementation” person who would not visit our office, and who would only communicate through email.

Generalist vs. Specialist

In the world of hiring and recruitment, we talk a lot about the advantages of specialists and generalists and how to choose which one is right for the role. In this case, our choice of a so-called generalist meant we lost the specification. We engaged a “Jack of All Trades” who was a master of none. This choice resulted in the loss of the personalized service that we value for ourselves and our clients. We also lost creative options that could have better served the unique needs of our small business employees.

Lesson Learned

Payroll companies have payroll specialists, and investment companies have investment plan specialists. The same relates to the staffing industry. Light industrial staffing firms place light industrial workers. Office staffing firms staff office professionals. This is no different than the level of specification you would demand when repairing your home. You would not call a plumber to install an electrical outlet. I don’t recommend you hire a payroll specialist to implement an investment plan either.

In the end, companies can sell a great game, but as we were forewarned, it’s painful when they cannot provide the promised expertise. In most cases, it pays to go with an expert!