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The Evolution of Hiring

“Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” in the Age of Technology

Since the 1980s, recruitment has evolved from a phone-centric endeavor to an industry that relies on a range of technological advancements. During this period, recruiters have benefitted from the introduction of applicant tracking systems (ATS) along with a host of job boards from and Indeed to LinkedIn. Each innovation bringing with it the hope of reducing the cost per hire and improving the job search process for the client and the recruiter.

Personal Touch
Despite these many innovations, there remains the undeniable fact that the best recruitment processes also include a personal element. No amount of sophisticated technology can replace the interaction of meeting a client or a candidate face-to-face. Even the most advanced Artificial Intelligence cannot replicate the connections possible between humans, including the information and context provided through a combination of facial expressions, voice intonation and body language.

Today, successful recruiting requires an ever-shifting balance that integrates the importance of human interaction with a growing range of technological tools. It’s an ongoing process that demands defining and then refining a constantly moving target that changes quicker than you might imagine. Finding that balance enables recruiters to consistently hire for fit and performance and not just the skills listed on a resume or job site.

Utilizing a personal touch also enables new ways to attract and retain clients and appeal to job seekers of all ages and backgrounds. Lou Adler, a long-time recruiter and trusted LinkedIn influencer offers some tips to combine old school recruiting methods with new technologies.

  • Attract candidates using a story-based posting instead of a job description (Bonus points for turning this story-based posting into a video)
  • Create a two-step application process that includes a short write-up of an accomplishment that relates to the needs of the job
  • Pre-qualify prospects and only present those who are the “top-half of the top-half,” a group that will raise the talent bar within a company
  • Access the existing network and nurture multiple contacts, including those who might not be currently on the lookout for a new opportunity
  • Use phone screens to determine if a candidate has the skills, will fit in the culture and who desires a place to grow over time while enhancing the organization with their skills
  • Inquire how the candidate will meet the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the position
  • Understand why the role is important to the candidate beyond the salary

At Staffing Kansas City, we believe finding a job or the right person for the job shouldn’t be a hassle. We partner our proprietary software with “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” to offer our candidates and clients the communication needed and desired to create unsurpassed customer service.