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Email Etiquette, Just as Important as In-Person Manners

Technology can be a wonderful thing, allowing us to communicate quickly and connecting us to people throughout the world in the blink of an eye. Ironically this same technology also has the potential to make us a little less human in our interactions. This could be in the form of omitting the greeting in a text or email, failing to take the time to completely write out thoughts or hurrying to make communication as swift as the media through which they’re delivered.

The Human Element

What’s often forgotten is that at the end of each mobile device, tablet, computer or laptop is a human. These are the same individuals who expect and deserve courtesy and politeness from those they work with, whether the correspondence is in-person or electronic. Just because communication can happen faster and more efficiently doesn’t mean any aspect of politeness should be forgotten. These guidelines are particularly important when sending in email correspondence to a staffing recruiter or prospective employer.

Standout for the Right Things

Each day staffing recruiters receive hundreds of emails. The efficiency brought about by improved technology means recruiters are able to receive more applications and assist more people with finding a job than ever before. The sheer number of emails received also means candidates must make an effort to stand out among the masses. One of the easiest ways to do this is through good email communication.

Provide the Basics – The newest technology doesn’t include mind reading. At least not yet. When a recruiter receives an email with no job listing, subject line or candidate name it can be next to impossible to figure out the intent of the email. This is a no-win situation both for the candidate who is no longer in the running and for the staffing recruiter who has a frustrating puzzle to solve. Communication should always provide a link to the job posted, your contact information, and a copy of an up-to-date resume/CV.

Keep it Classy – A job search essentially asks for entry into a professional atmosphere. That includes having a professional email address (preferably with your full name) and correspondence that focuses on quality communication. This is no place for typos, grammar mistakes and potentially embarrassing auto corrects. Always use the spell check option and ask a friend with good spelling and grammar skills to give things a final look before sending them in. First impressions always count.

Cultivate Courtesy – Email correspondence is meant to be concise and to the point. The tone of the message should be professional, yet friendly. Briefly state your interest in the job, skills you possess, contact information, and attach a resume saved with your first and last name. Avoid the use of sarcasm, jokes and emoticons in the message, which can be misinterpreted, and skip using the read receipt feature. Adding this can create a feeling of distrust and it creates an extra step for the recruiter.

Above all, keep in mind email communication can be the first and last place to make a good impression on the staffing or potential employer. Plan accordingly to put your best virtual step forward, and when in doubt, make the polite choice.

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