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How Did My Interview Go?

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Has Finding Employment Been Difficult For You?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate in Kansas City is 2.7 percent, but the word on the street says employers are still struggling to identify and hire their Top Performers. With low unemployment and record numbers of people leaving their current employer for greener pastures, finding a new job sounds easy. Yet in many cases, it’s still difficult for some job seekers to find employment.

Digging Deep
If you’ve had one too many opportunities slip through your fingers it might be time to reassess. By reassessment, we mean looking at yourself from the perspective of an employer. Honestly consider why a company should hire you instead of any other highly experienced candidate who probably feels just as qualified for the job as you do.

Work on the Story
No, we don’t mean a tall tale. We’re talking about the story of you and how you got to where you are today. Often that’s a story that starts with a simple dream, a desire to do something you’re good at and when applied, you end up contributing to others. Your story is something only you know and how you share it with a hiring manager can often be the difference between making the final cut or being just another candidate with good skills but nothing special.

Being able to share how well-suited you are for the job and communicating that with genuine enthusiasm is what makes you stand out to a hiring manager. This is an opportunity to engage the interviewer by demonstrating the connections between your interests and passions and how these connect to the job. Through a thoughtful telling of your career path, you are sharing how each of the experiences and lessons learned have prepared you for the job.

Showing Alignment
Demonstrating this level of preparation and passion puts you ahead of the crowd. Yes, you’ll still need to follow the basics of Interviewing 101, showing up on time, having questions prepared and being dressed appropriately, but every candidate should be doing that already. It should also be understood that a career story isn’t something you come up with at the last minute. A career story is the story of you and what you’ve achieved over the years. As a result, it deserves time and thought. Edit the story for clarity and brevity and when it’s starting to click, rehearse it with someone who will provide honest feedback. The goal is to hold the interviewer’s attention and stand out when it counts.

Fine-tuning the Story

  • Determine if your resume is short and to the point
  • Research the prospective company
  • Consider how you and your skills add value to the role and the company
  • Portray confidence and happiness when talking about your experiences, successes and weaknesses
  • Demonstrate curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the company and the opportunity

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