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Don’t Miss Out On The Summer Talent

Helping Teachers and Students Find Summer Work

June, July and August are prime hiring times for employers throughout the Kansas City Metro. This time of year, employers have their pick of a variety of skilled short-term candidates, including recent high-school and college graduates and elementary, middle school and high school teachers on summer break.

Diverse Talent Pool
Recently off the learning track, these candidates are looking for ways to further their skills or simply want to try something new for a couple of months. This pool of talent offers employers a range of benefits. From a logistical perspective, these individuals provide full-time employees an option to spend time at home with family, get out of town for a summer vacation or find a time for medical leave. Temporary hires can also offer new perspectives to a business and its employees.

For instance, a learning internship or short-term assignment can provide valuable experience to a student and can be a way for a business to check off a special project or two. This could be an opportunity to expose full-time employees to new learnings and brush up on the ever-changing digital skill set known to younger demographics. Companies might also gather perspectives about how someone from outside the company responds to in-house marketing and sales initiatives.

Be Welcoming
Upon hiring, it’s important to make these temporary employees feel they’re a part of the organization. Employees who are appreciated work harder, care about the work more and feel like a part of the organization. Plus, an employee’s experience isn’t just shared with those within the company. All employees have the potential to be a brand ambassador – positive or negative.

Employees who enjoy the work are more likely to share positive experiences with others. This might include returning for other seasonal work assignments or wanting to interview for a full-time position in the future. Those who do not have a positive experience will share their displeasure with others and on social media, potentially dampening a company’s public perception.

Welcome Wagon

  • Hire for a good culture fit and applicable hard and soft skills
  • Make introductions and let them know their presence is appreciated
  • Include the them in meetings, lunches, team activities and outings
  • Explain the value of the work the they are assigned to do
  • Offer perks like lunch or coffee to incentivize the employee

Hand Picked Candidates
The recruiters at Staffing Kansas City can help provide full-time, part-time and temporary staffing solutions for many industries. Employers working with Staffing Kansas City receive thoroughly vetted candidates selected to offer a good fit for the culture and desired skill set of the employer. To learn more about summer staffing options, contact Staffing Kansas City today.