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Do your employees practice company core values everyday?

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A Company’s Core Values are its Foundation

A company’s core values are instrumental in conveying what that company believes in and what they stand for. Beyond being part of a written mission plan, a company must embed these core values and beliefs in everything they do, from hiring and retaining employees to how they work with customers and build long-term relationships.

Independent of Profits
Core values are something that should be practiced with every interaction, regardless of the impact to the bottom line. Strong values provide a guidepost of purpose and direction so that there is never a question of how something should be handled. These values always point the business and its employees in the right direction. Inc. Magazine shared nine ways leadership teams can integrate core values into the day-to-day workings of their business.

Pathway to Leadership

  • Lead and live by example – consider core values to be a bedrock foundation of all business matters
  • Teach through action – training and continued application make values an everyday occurrence
  • Reinforce with frequency – find ways to strengthen touchpoints through frequent communication and feedback
  • Recognize and reward – solidify the benefits of embodying the values through bonuses and peer acknowledgement
  • Incorporate values – look for ways to integrate core values into how you do business, including the proposal process
  • Hire with intention – identify and hire employees who culturally align with the core values
  • Evaluate and review – inspect and reward employees who demonstrate value through their work
  • Eliminate non-compliance – retrain or remove employees who do not embody the core values through behavior and work
  • Align messaging – ensure internal and external messaging is in sync to effectively communicate these values

Staffing Kansas City Core Values
Integrity – We do the right thing and charge a fair and reasonable rate for our staffing services.
Honesty – We define and refine our work by being good stewards and looking to provide the best outcome for all involved.
Respect – We treat clients and candidates in the way we want to be treated, listening to their specific wants and needs. Our clients only receive the top 2-3 candidates. We wish we could place everyone.
Transparency – We communicate our services and the value of our services. Although we wish we could, we cannot guarantee a job for every applicant and job seeker. It is impossible for our staff to reply to every resume sent and every application submitted.

Walk the Walk
Staffing Kansas City is proud to have a successful placement ratio that is well above the industry average and more than 50 percent of our clientele come by way of referrals from satisfied clients. We believe our success is derived from remaining cognizant of our core values thus helping Staffing Kansas City to provide value and a positive customer experience for all those we work with.