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Demographic Hiring Shifts and Preferences Highlighted in Recent Survey

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The shift from school to first career can be a tricky transition for new graduates. Norms in academia don’t always translate to career, leaving many looking for guidance in navigating their new work experiences. Plus, these new employees are struggling with what can seem like the basics – keeping eye contact, email, dressing appropriately and making conversation.

Some attribute these skill gaps to restrictions during the height of COVID when many students were taking online classes with minimal interaction in clubs, internships, and summer jobs. But the pandemic may not explain the inability of younger generations to manage workload (63%), arrive on time to start work (61%) and hand in assignments on time (59%).

Interview Deal Breakers

  • Inability to make decisions independently.
  • Refusal to turn on the camera during a virtual interview.
  • Request for unreasonable compensation.
  • Use of inappropriate language.
  • Inappropriate clothing choices.
  • Bringing a parent to an interview.

Survey Says

An end-of-December survey from, a resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, found many employers do not want to hire Gen Z college graduates. The survey included responses from 800 directors, executives and managers involved in hiring decisions. 39% of those surveyed said they would prefer to increase benefits to attract older workers. This includes paying higher salaries, offering remote/hybrid work options and hiring overqualified individuals.

Demographic Shifts

Ironically, the generations who have been pushed into early retirement may be just the employees many organizations are looking for. While the older generation may not always have the most current technology skills, they are more comfortable and well-versed in the human element.

These generations are used to employing soft skills, which will be increasingly important to balance the coldness of interactions via Artificial Intelligence. Likewise, continuing economic instability will have many considering how and where they spend their dollars. Customers and consumers will likely choose to spend their money with a business that shares their values and offers transparency. Trust that comes through eye contact and strong verbal and non-verbal communication will also be important.

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