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Articulating Why You’re Right for the Job

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Excited, nervous, anxious, confident, or fearful? These feelings could be a direct result of being in the midst of a job search. With each job description and new connection to a professional network, there’s often a tiny voice accompanying each these actions. This is the thought that wonders if this connection or this position could be the missing link in the current job search.

Piecing it together

In actuality, covering the checkpoints on the job description and building up a professional network is only a portion of the job search equation. Upon observation, it’s also particularly one-sided. When looking at the job listings and dreaming about how well you can do the job, it’s important to consider the often missing element of the potential employer’s needs and perspective.

Landing an interview for a dream job is not just about the ability to shoehorn an existing skill set and work experience into a particular role. Instead, it is more about how your skills within a particular job will make the company successful. Understanding this important distinction becomes a critical element when the call for a desired job interview comes. Identifying the pain points of an organization and understanding how to insert your skills into that need are great starting points to craft a cover letter and resume and prepare for potential interview questions further into the job search.

Do some Sleuthing for Problems

A comprehensive process starts with knowing what the company does and how to apply your particular skill set to the role. For example, in the case of an administrative assistant, there are always certain core skills needed for the position, but it’s often the unspoken skills of teamwork, friendliness and enthusiasm that make the job an integral role in the company. This support role not only requires a number of important tangible skills, but it’s also a position that carries the unspoken rule of trust and reliability. So, consider how to share or “sell” these qualities to the recruiter or hiring manager.

Go Beyond the Norm

Skills such as proficiency with the Microsoft suite should be a given so instead of focusing on a skill all candidates should possess, take a moment to consider your experience using a Microsoft program to save a previous employer time or money, assist with a company project, or streamline a critical company operation. These are the skilled applications potential employers want to hear about.

Be the Candidate worth Hiring

Remember, in a competitive job market you are guaranteed to be competing for a job with others who have complementary skills for a job. These accomplishments are a critical element to get you the initial call for an interview, but once you’re in front of a staffing recruiter or hiring manager, wow them by showcasing how current skills, past work experience and your unique personality will make the job an integral role within the company.

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