Getting Real With Roses

Are You Justifying a Gut Hiring Decision?

Listen to your gut. Follow your instincts. Each of us possesses experiences where we choose to make a decision based on what feels right. But for those possessing a common-sense approach to life and business, relying solely on gut instinct can be hard to justify.

As Nature Intended
For those feeling guilty, it can be reassuring to know gut instinct is embedded within the limbic neocortex of the brain. The oldest part of the brain, also known as the reptilian brain, controls the body’s most important functions, including breathing, heart rate, body temperature control and balance. Found in the first mammals, the limbic brain records positive and negative memories informing our emotions. Through this, we make judgments and unconscious decisions.

Exerting Control
From this rudimentary place also comes a potential for behaviors exerting strong control over us, in ways we might not always understand. This controlling aspect has the potential to influence otherwise “logical” decisions. These include choices made on what car to buy or what apartment to rent. It also influences whom we chose to hire.

The Reptile Approach
The influence of the reptilian brain is ever-present in hiring, from the 30-second scan of a resume to sizing up a potential candidate in the first five minutes of the meeting. During this short time, we come up with a strong positive or negative feeling with the potential to affect decision-making. Within this, it’s important to realize a feeling is neither good nor bad. It’s an opportunity.

Digging Deeper
When you encounter a gut feeling, this presents an option for more research and information gathering. Digger deeper provides an opportunity to gather more research, solicit opinion and ask follow-up questions. Is what you’re feeling supported by facts or is it the result of old stories and experiences? Admittedly, this is a comprehensive approach, one that looks at things from a broader perspective and demands time to do right.

Long-Range Plans
When looked at within the prism of employment, there is an abundance of opportunities as hiring continues to rise. In December 2016, demand for online labor was up in 45 states, constant in 2 and down in three. Overall, all four regions of the U.S. saw growth, increasing the need for sales and related ads from 14,600 to 476,400, thus creating 1.71 in demand for every one unemployed job candidate, according to

Calling in the Experts
With increasing demand, this means less time for reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. In these cases, relying solely on a gut instinct could result in hiring the wrong person, potentially impacting capacity and workplace culture. Rather than trying to do it all, turn to qualified staffing solutions. Staffing agencies recruit for a variety of positions and are able to sift through the mass of information, helping clients find the right candidate the first time around.

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