Getting Real With Roses

A Day in The Life of a Recruiter

8 a.m. Ė As a recruiter, Iím always looking to find new opportunities for candidates and fill openings for clients. That said, life still happens, and schedules can change in a moment. When I arrive, I fire up the computer to see whatís happening and what might need to shift schedule-wise. This includes checking emails and responding to voicemails left overnight. Depending on what I find, I reprioritize. Then I move on to scheduling and accepting interview times.

10:15 Ė Mid-morning calls for hydration and a healthy protein boost. As a preamble, I fill my trusty KU cup with water and mix my daily green protein shake. Next comes the Orders meeting where I review open orders with recruiters. At Staffing Kansas City, we work hard to find top-performers for our clients and those needs are constantly changing. This is a great time to review each clientís current needs and talk about the candidates weíve met who might be a good fit.

12:30 Ė After fueling with a salad for lunch, sometimes my favorite Chop Chop salad from The Mixx, itís time to fill new openings. Great opportunities are always coming available so itís important all the recruiters are working in collaboration to source new candidates. After a job seeker contacts Staffing Kansas City and fills out an application, itís my job to screen those candidates. This usually begins with a short phone interview and if I find someone who is a good fit, I schedule them for an in-person interview to talk to me or one of the other recruiters. I also use a similar process for clients who are looking to fill a direct hire, contract or temporary position.

3:00 Ė After a busy morning of making contacts and scheduling next steps for clients and job seekers, itís time for another glass of water before I move on to the accounting and administrative paperwork. One look at my paper-laden desk will let you know this is the paperwork station! What you might not see nestled among those papers are my beloved family photos.

5:00 Ė Itís time to head out. As I leave for the day, I take a moment to reflect on the successes and challenges of the day before shifting into family mode on the drive home.

About Marie
Marie is a University of Kansas grad with a bachelorís degree in theatre and film with a concentration in psychology. Before moving back to Kansas City to work with Staffing Kansas City in 2009, Marie worked in radio sales in Chicago.